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Complete Chest Workout | IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe Trains...

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  • 1 year ago
Redcon1 Athlete Luke Sandoe & Hypertrophy Coach Joe Bennett join forces at The Dragon's Lair in Boca Raton, FL. In this video, Joe takes Luke through an intense chest workout, hypertrophy style.
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| IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe Complete Hypertrophy Chest Workout |
1. Incline Bench Press (2:55)
2. Seated Cable Fly (10:00)
3. Leverage Machine Chest Press (19:22)
4. Dumbbell Fly (22:13)

| Incline Bench Press |
When working in a heavy rep range like 4-5, you need to use your entire body to push that weight up, from your feet up through your chest into your arms. Make sure your feet are firmly planted and your back is steady against the bench.

| Leverage Machine Chest Press |
EMG research demonstrates that the machine bench press recruits much less of the three heads of the deltoid (anterior, middle, and posterior) than free-weight variations because of a decreased need for humeral stabilization.[3] This allows you to really target your pecs.

In your workout: Again, do machine exercises at the end of your workout. For anyone looking to build mass, machines give you a greater chance to pump your pecs with minimal shoulder assistance.

| IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luke Sandoe |
Calling it the highlight of his career (to date), Luke Sandoe made his pro debut at the Arnold Classic in 2017. His love of bodybuilding and training stemmed from his love of comic books. As a child, he was a huge fan of the muscle bound super heroes and he wanted to be one to.

Sandoe got serious about training in his late teens. Magazines like Flex inspired him to achieve the same physique as the super heroes of his youth.

In 2012 at the age of 23, he entered his first show as a junior and won. He kept going, training and competing on bigger and bigger stages. In 2015, he won the super heavyweight class and the overall UKBFF British Finals earning his IFBB pro card.

Sandoe, enjoys training with heavy weights and the deadlift is his favorite lift.

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