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Corgi Puppy Cam

The Pet Collective Follow
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  • 5 years ago
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9/14/12 7:55pm Pacific: All done. We'll be looping recaps of litter #1 here until we get a new litter. Check back here anytime for updates, and to get your fix of Brinkley, Pinky and the pups from Litter #1. And we'll release unseen footage here as well between now and Litter #2.

9/14/12 10:41am Pacific: This is our last day of the live pups for #CorgiCam Season 1. But don't worry, we're working to put together lots of great footage of them to stream in the #CorgiCam until a new litter is born.

We know you need your corgi fix, but we can't exactly make corgis birth on command. So the good news is that The Pet Collective has a new stream coming out either next week or the following of a litter golden retriever pups. So look for #GoldenCam in coming days on The Pet Collective! And eta on new corgis for #CorgiCam is hopefully by November.

CorgiCam REVEALED! Thanks Royal Hearts Corgis, our wonderful partners who have made #CorgiCam possible.

9/14/12 10:55am Pacific - A special message from Royal Hearts Corgis:
"Royal Hearts would like to thank all of our loyal viewers and Pet Collective for bringing Brinkly and her puppies to life and showing how wonderful the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed can be.

Royal Hearts L'oreal Paris (Pinky) and Royal Hearts In Style are going to show homes. You will be able to follow their show career in the ring at AKC shows."

So a huge THANK YOU to our hosts, and owners of the corgi pups, ROYAL HEARTS CORGIS, for letting us bring you the first several weeks of these adorable puppies' lives. They're the ones who made this all possible. If you have questions about upcoming corgis, contact them and please go check out their website. The URL is above and be sure to visit their website.

These adorable corgis depart for their forever homes on Friday, September 14. We'll bring you more adorable corgis here asap, and we're currently setting up other new streaming litters of cute animals so you can still get your daily fix of awwww. Stay tuned and subscribed to The Pet Collective for the latest updates, and as always you can get your latest CorgiCam information right here in this description box. We are at the mercy of waiting for new corgi pups to be born (they don't birth themselves on command). In the meantime, we will strive to re-air tape of this original CorgiCam Season 1 while we wait for a new litter for Season 2 of CorgiCam right here at this URL!

24/7 corgi puppies! YouTube's first 24 hour animal stream. Join the conversation on Twitter and live chat along: #corgicam and PLEASE subscribe so we can keep bringing you more awesome animal livestreams!

#CorgiCam week-by-week highlights: http://bit.ly/CorgiCamPlaylist

Recent #CorgiCam Highlights (including HD closeups and timelapses of Brinkley and the pups)

The Pet Collective's highest priority is concern for animal welfare. This is a humane, loving, and responsible professional animal environment.

CorgiCam Mini FAQ

Q: How old are the puppies and what are their genders?
A: The puppies were born on July 19, 2012, and there are two boys and two girls.

Q: What are the puppies' names?
A: They don't have names. Their forever parents will give them names when they go to their forever homes.

Q: Where are the puppies?
A: This is courtesy of Royal Hearts Corgis, our wonderful partners who have made #CorgiCam possible.
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