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Cruis'n World Game Sample - N64

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 11 years ago
Cruis'n World was originally made in 1996 by Midway and is the sequel to the 1994 title, "Cruis'n USA". The game was ported to the N64 in 1998 by Midway and developed by "Eurocom", and it's a HUGE improvement over the N64 conversion of Cruis'n USA and an all-around great Arcade-style racer for the N64. It is often considered the best Cruis'n adaptation on the N64 (between "Cruis'n USA", "Cruis'n World", and "Cruis'n Exotica") and some members behind Cruis'n USA even admitted that it (USA) wasn't a great port and promised Cruis'n World would be better.

Cruis'n World has about the same number of tracks as Cruis'n USA (a little over a dozen), but they are far more detailed and presented in a nicer fashion. The game's framerate is also more consistent and there are more frames of animation within the environmental effects and most characters. The game, generally-speaking, looks great (but lacks any real lighting or shading). Cruis'n World also features many more vehicles (over two dozen), new stunts that can be performed on tracks, the ability to give cars paint jobs, and tighter play control with the new ability to utilize turbo boosts. I also like the game's mini-map on the right which gives you a good idea of where incoming obstacles are. Like the previous game, you can also toggle between music on the fly and the audio samples are of higher quality. The game features the same simple premise; drive ahead while avoiding traffic, rival cars, and obstacles to reach checkpoints, gain extra time, and win the race. You must place 3rd or higher to win and this can be achieved with any car of your choice (they have their differences, but their performance isn't radically different).

Overall, this is an awesome arcade-style game for the N64 that I recommend. This is a video of the game in action. Enjoy.

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