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Crunchy Cheese Bites - a DIY dog food tutorial by Co...

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  • 4 years ago
Crunchy Cheese Bites

These oven baked cookie bites are packed with flavor & protein. A great treat for training time or a travel snack on the go.

1 cup grated low fat cheese
1 cup whole wheat or wholemeal flour
½ cup milk lactose free
1 tbsp softened butter

1/ Preheat oven to 350deg f/ or 177deg c

Large mixing bowl
Wooden spoon

Nutrition Tips:

Milk -- some dogs cannot digest milk sugar or lactose and will get diarrhea. Lactose free milk can be used instead and is commonly found on supermarket shelves -- or dry milk powder can be found in many health food shops

Wheat - has protein, fibre , Vitamins E&B. It is fine in small doses such as when used for treats but a wheat based diet is not recommended. Commercial dog food is usually packed with wheat.

Cheese: Is dried out milk and is a source of protein and fat. It is of course a cooked food. It has had the whey removed which includes the milk sugar lactose, and the amino acid taurine. It is not a complete food however as part of a varied diet, feeding cheese in small amounts to your dog is fine. Don't go overboard as lots of cheese will result in excesses of protein, calcium, salt and fat, to the detriment of your dog's health. Because it has had the lactose or milk sugar removed, it may be safely fed to dogs with lactose intolerance.

Store left overs in the fridge or freeze in plastic sealed packs for easy portion control use.
This cheesy flavor has a great smell which your pooch will love. A great treat for training without any harmful additives!

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Music track used with permission "Crossover" by Trent Kelly
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