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Crusher Mako-chan [クラッシャーマコちゃん] Game Sample - Arcade...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Crusher Mako-chan is a little known project from Takumi (or Takumi Corporation, more known for shooting games like Giga Wing, Mars Matrix, etc.) that was a sort of gambling (or "Medal") game where you would go on different stage routes that "altered" the difficulty (and let you earn more or less medals as you progress).

Really though, because this is a gambling game, generally everything is luck based and the game can seem very rigged as a result. Sometimes, without even getting the attack up item, you can crush an obstacle with time to spare or even with attack up, there are times when you still lose (if you get the item "late"). The game is basically risk versus reward, as you have two opportunities to "cash out" or you can attempt the third and final stage (which is always the same regardless of the first two stages you play). You gain items to help (or harm) you randomly as well...and if you get an attack down item, you might as well just stop pressing anything because you are fated to lose no matter what...even with an "Ultra Star" it seems.

The Ultra Star is an item that, when obtained, can change the balance and determine victory or defeat. As the Ultra Star is only activated upon losing a stage, instead of Mako-chan just giving up, she tries to tap into her "hidden power"...if you mash the buttons during this time, she has a chance to transform into a MEGA warrior of some sort...super buff and all, much to the delight (or horror) of the player. Mako has two attacks when this happens: A sort of "Ruler Blade" where Mako slashes her obstacle to pieces or a "Missile Storm" where she launches some type of colorful missiles.

However, it seems that every single time I tried to button mash to activate her hidden power when having the Ultra Star power-up and the attack down item at the same time, she loses automatically...which I experienced A LOT; either victory is impossible with that power reduction item or activating the Ultra Star while holding that item makes it like 2% possible to go into Ultra Star mode or something.

Anyway, you can get a cup/chalice that seems to have something to do with medals, you can get bonus medals, an attack up item, an attack down item, or the Ultra Star randomly when punching away at your obstacle. Whether you want to destroy a dam just to put out the fire on one house or punch a meteor headed towards the planet, you can do so and come out victorious, but it might not seem like that at first. Does this game even make any sense? Not really...but that was probably the charm behind it.

As you might imagine though, unless you own an official machine (and can use the medals or such in some sort of way or gambling scenario with the machine), playing this game is pretty much pointless...if you are lucky, you can complete this game within 2 or 3 minutes. If you want to test how unlucky you are, you might spend over an hour or longer with this game. I fell somewhere in the middle at around 30 minutes. I found a video of the original machine in action (along with a Pepsiman machine); you can see it at:

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