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CS:GO - The Best Launch Options

BananaGaming Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 years ago
Nope, not all options you've heard about is good.

The launch options I use:
-novid -tickrate 128 -refresh 144 +exec bananagaming.cfg -language bananagaming

The rest that can be useful sometimes:
-w (value)
-h (value)

If you have a slow computer you can try these, but I can't guarantee that they will work, it depends on your system:

-threads (value)

In the end, these are the last options for those that are desperate.

Other launch options I haven't mentioned in the video because of several reasons (and I don't recommend using them):

Has no effect on controllers, they still work. Command is useless.

Low violence mode, something Valve has removed, doesn't work.

A fix for something Valve has already patched. Not an issue now.

-noforcemaccel, -noforcemparms, -noforcemspd
Wrong game, this was for 1.6. You don't need it.

-dxlevel 90, -dxlevel 81, -dxlevel 80, -dxlevel 70, -dxlevel 60
CSGO's minimum dxlevel is 95, this was used in CSS. Don't need it.

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