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Daisuki [だいすき♥] Game Sample - Sega Saturn

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 2 years ago
The game is an alternative version of TokiMemo to put it mildly with a more futuristic setting and instead of being a high school student, you are a pilot-in-training for the elite "Union Military Academy". Being developed by Success and published by GAGA Communications in 1997, it should come as no surprise that they would throw their hat into the ring -- there were TONS of dating / management sims to come out of Japan over the decades (especially from the early 90s to mid 00s). "Daisuki" (which literally translates to "I Love You") is one of the titles that got lost in the shuffle or written off before it was fully explored. Given the sheer over-saturation of these games on the market, it's not too surprising (a few Japanese mags did review it, but these were more along the lines of "soft reviews" or first impressions), but it is a bit unfortunate; Daisuki has some exquisite pixel art (which shys away from using photo-realistic backdrops found in some other games and lovingly uses pixels for the whole she-bang), a good variety of ladies to woo, a large variety of actions to raise your character's parameters and areas you can visit, a nice and vast soundtrack (featuring over 70 BGMs), a multitude of events for all the characters, loads of great voiced dialogue, miscellaneous accents such as the ability to change your cursors, borders, fillers, etc., some different mini-games to break up the monotony (which hinge on your stats for success), and more tropes than you can shake a stick at. At a glance, it looks like a great game for fans of these types of games, and it is with the right mindset... but it is not for the faint of heart.

For one, the game is not at all import-friendly... this obviously doesn't matter to native Japanese players, but yeah. Besides the game having loads of dialogue options, they are always shuffled around during play. That's not the only thing that's random though... almost all relation-building events are random too! While you "can" aim for certain girls, it is not done in the best way -- too much compatibility pretty much locks out other gals and unlike normal sims where you can attempt to reach out to any prospective female with dates or gifts, these girls randomly reach out to you instead. This means that, besides knowing all the right answers, you will have to heavily abuse save-scumming to get with certain ladies. If it ended there, that would be that, but it doesn't; you cannot save of your own accord... the game has very sporadic points in which you can save your progress (between semesters).

As an example, I was trying to get more acquainted with pretty green waifu (Hisui, aka "Doc") and kept loading my game with no variation to my schedule at all. For numbers sake, let's say I loaded 50 times. In a one week period, I ran into Akane, Meine and Bang a lot (which is expected as I had the highest affinity with them), but was constantly asked on dates by Bang, never asked on a proper date with the other two (even though their parameters were higher) and got asked on a date ONCE with Doc even though I spoke to her all of three times during my run where we went to a park and sat on a bench. On top of that, I ran into a major event with Chrome who got a nasty cut after she fell jogging, and I swooped in like Superman to save her. There is a fairly extensive physical / personality assessment at the start of the game which affects starting stats and attractiveness with the game's heroines, but the game is a little too random for its own good and this makes staying together with any one girl very difficult.

Conversely, the game is quite enjoyable if you're just going with the flow and have no set agenda in mind. You can get all kinds of rewards for your in-game actions as you clear different tasks and get different certifications (proficiency and licenses for the Army, Navy, Airforce and Spaceforce), and there's enough scenes and variation in the same date spots where it won't get stale for at least two or three playthroughs. There is one girl you can only go after if you've cleared the game at least once. You can't speed through spoken dialogue, but you at least have an option to turn it off if you want to speed the game up. There's also a 2nd special disk with narrated side-stories for the three most popular characters (Akane, Hisui and Ryu-ri) and even a neat song sung by Ayumi Yamaguchi 山口あゆみ for the game from when she was an emerging idol at only fifteen years old and, to sweeten the deal, there's a reference to MORTAL KOMBAT in the game... how many gal games have that!?!

At the end of the day, the game is cheap (like most gal games) and enjoys small cult classic status... it's good to know that in 1997, a group of designers knew Mortal Kombat would still be relevant near the end of the 23rd century. I may not "daisuki" this game, but maybe I "sukidayo" this game. This is a video showing many things in action. The MK reference was tacked to the end for posterity. Enjoy.
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