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Darin Steen's Client Burns Belly ...

fatlosslifestyle Follow
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  • 8 years ago
Click here http://budurl.com/TrainOnline To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle with the exact program that Wendy is using.

As Wendy said in the video; using my Fatloss Lifestyle System she is working out far less than ever before.

If you want to work out less and make more gains be sure to consider this program http://budurl.com/TrainOnline

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Two take aways from todays video;

Don't focus on doing abdominal exercises if you want a ripped six pack ab mid section. Focus on building up your legs, buns, back, and chest muscles. We call these hot spots. They have much more surface area of muscle. This way your body burns the fat off by boosting your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) You will burn fat off while you are sleeping when you gain 10 lbs. of muscle.

SEEING YOUR ABS IS NOT ABOUT BUILDING UP YOUR ABDOMINAL WALL; nearly as much is it is about burning the fat off that is on top of them and under your skin.

Also focus on eating small healthy meals often (every 3 hours) with protein and carbs together.

"When You Build A Better Body... You Build A Better Life..."

Wendy loves her new body and lifestyle. Her self image has improved dramatically with our Fatloss Lifestyle Program. Because of this she has started a career as a "Fitness Professsional" stay tuned for her "www.FatToFurious.com"

U 2 Do Have The Power 2 Change!!

To Your Success,

Your Coach,

Darin Steen
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