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Dating for Gamers

sWooZie Follow
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  • 10 years ago
VLoG #148: Quick dating tips for you highly skilled gamers :)

1: Don't ever make the game more important than your guy or girl friend (unless there is a tournament coming up then girl, you gotta understand I need to practice)

2: Understand its a hobby, give it a certain space & a certain time. Don't let it rule your life.

3. Find as many co-op games as humanly possible

4. Delivery does play a factor. Looking decent and smelling decent doesn't hurt.

5. We know you play online. If you have a bad game, don't take it out on your bf/gf

6. Don't use gaming as an excuse NOT to do something. ESPECIALLY if you said you'd do it.

7. Be goal oriented. Many people find 'drive' very attractive. I'm jus sayin.

8. Keep up w/ current events. Everyone loves a good conversation. You don't want to be so wrapped up in gaming that you come across oblivious to the outside world.

9. On the topic of conversation. Make sure not to keep it one sided. Ask questions.

10. Just because you got the guy or girl, doesn't mean that you stop doing all the things that you did to GET that guy/or girl

11. Moderation is key. If you're a big sports buff, gaming buff etc. if you're mate isn't as into your passion as you are- make sure not to keep forcing it into conversation
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