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David Hawkins ~ Connecting With Your Higher Self

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  • 1 year ago
David Hawkins explains in this video how to reach higher states of consciousness by going directly within, Interested in the lecture follow the link below.


#DavidHawkins #Spirituality #Buddhism

Dr. Hawkins begins this “Transcending Barriers” June 2005 video by stating he is presenting spiritual truth within a new context for the modern world in order to validate it. He asks of what relevance to today’s world is what happened 2,000 years ago when people’s lives were quite different from those of today. He shares how consciousness research creates a context that is comprehensible to modern man.

Next, Dr. Hawkins explains where Truth lies, how it is not subject to error, and why it is the Absolute. He reveals that it was mind boggling to discover that everything that ever was, anything from the past or present, can be accessed at this moment in time – all exists completely everywhere all the time. He then presents the concepts of content and context. With this and more, he explains how the book Power vs. Force came into existence.

He then describes how consciousness is independent of the body; the differences between near-death and out-of-body experiences; and how Truth appears differently at each level of conscious awareness. He further describes the Map of Consciousness and the characteristics of its various levels. He talks about karma, the “meaning” of something, consequences, and how to use the method of kinesiology to find out what is for one’s highest good in any situation.

He explains why the world did not self-destruct eons ago, and why it is not doing so now; why this is a world of maximum karmic opportunity and how we can benefit; and about being responsible for our actions and how to evolve beyond them. He tells us that the animal kingdom is a wonderful example of evolution and why.

Dr. Hawkins then discusses spiritual commitment, intention, and their relationship to enlightenment; love versus logic; and the development and existence of an etheric brain. He introduces the concept of the payoff (the “juice”) that keeps us stuck at a certain level of consciousness. The only reason we stick with something negative is due to the “juice,” and our addiction to it. He reveals the way out in detail.
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