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Deadpool - Genosha - Finding Parts For Cable (aka Su...

Lowno gamer™ Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Deadpool game-play: Help Cable find the parts he needs! Walk over to a door to interact with it. Once through the door, you enter what looks like a subway station. Take a left through the gate, then go forward. Kill the two guards that attack, then keep going until you get to a large room with a Sentinal arm on the far side. Looks like you need to get a part, so time to start platforming again. Find some rubble on the right and make your way up some scaffolding. Once up top, jump across to the power cell. Pick it up and bring it over to the Sentinal arm. Once powered up, pull the cables to make it lie down. Go into the building, and kill the guards. Jump up the rubble ramp to grab the next power core. Drop back down and head outside to plug it in. Move the arm so that it smashes down the gate. Run back to the first Sentinal arm, and put it back in it's original position. Jump from arm to arm, then jump and grab that green Sentinal part. Run forward now, collecting the DP coins. Keep going to find a hole in a wall to drop down. Kill the guards, then run up the stairs to get outside. Run over to Cable and drop the part off. Time to go get one more piece. Run through the highlighted door, and kill the group of shielded guards. Continue forward now, jumping through the hole in the building. Kill off the guards, and go all the way back in the arena to find a power cell. Run back up to the front now, and go to the right side area. Climb up the rubble ramp and kill the guards who attack. Run around the corner to find the slot on the Sentinal hand for that power cell. Go over to the wire, and interact with it three times, blowing a hole directly in front of you open. Run through the hole and drop down now. Run through the house, killing the guards, until you can drop down again. Now, make your way up and over the rubble to drop down by those guards and all of those pretty DP coins. Climb back on the rubble pile, and hop along a pipe that has a bunch of red DP coins on it. Run up to get attacked by more guards. Keep going, and wall jump by the green lights. Drop down from here to a balcony back outside. Run around and kill the guards by the power cell. Pick it up and head back outside to get to that Sentinal arm cannon. Move the arm over to where the guards are shooting you, and blow them all to smithereens. Once clear, head back across that bridge of girders, and jump up to the Sentinal Part. Now that you have that, keep moving forward to get back to Cable. You will get attacked by shielded guards and a mini-boss, so have some guns ready. Once back, go talk to Cable. MARVELous!!!! So, in short, get ready to play a very, VERY, badass video game.
Third-person shooter/Hack and Slash!
(Yes, I know I'm in a video game... don't make me look like an idiot.)
Unlock weapon upgrades with achievement points. Guns! Knives! Explosives! Rubber duckies!
Unlock different combos by switching fighting styles (I know them all) and utilizing different weapons ("utilizing"? Who the hell is writing this?)
Cast(but really imm the only one ya need right ) DeadpoolThinking
These are the OTHER people in MY video game.
Deadpool (That's me!)
Chance White (Newbie)
Wolverine (Over powered butthole)
Psylocke (Hot Chick)
Domino (My Sexy on/off Girl. She may tell you otherwise but she's lying)
Cable (My bessssstttt frieeennnnd!)
Nolan North (He's my voice actor!)
Mr. Sinister (You know, the big bad trying to halt my progress?)
Vertigo (Lamest powers EVER)
Death (She is hooooooot!)
Rogue(She is also hooooooot! not counting me in her head with no head.HA!)
Magneto (Though he never appeared in my game, he is mentioned) ➢ Subscribe for more new videos ➢ Lownogamer
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