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Deadpool - Taking A Chance - Contact Target: Chance ...

Lowno gamer™ Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
In this commentary episode two of Deadpool game-play. When ready, go open the door. Press A to take the script. Follow the on-screen prompts to take out the enemies, then interact with the crate when it drops. Go back out into the lobby, killing the new guards here, until you get to a hallway on the left. Go down here to get to the maintenance bay. Kill the guards and find the main power lever. Pull the lever to restart the power to the building. Fight your way back to the elevators now. Once clear, hop into the elevator. Ride it up until it gets stopped. Shoot out the elevator window, then head over to the green lights at the far end of the building exterior. Wall jump up to the next level, then look for the green lights where an elevator would be. Wall jump up another floor. Now find the elevator shaft where you combo wall jumps up a few floors. Now that you are up here, shoot the glass of the elevator car here, then interact with the door to bust through back inside the building. Fight your way through the TV studio now. Once you make it through, you get to a board room where two guards bust through a window. Hop out and climb onto the window washing cart. Interact with the lever, and jump to the next one. Watch out for the guards shooting at you through the window. Either shoot them or hop in the window yourself to take them out. There's also goodies in here too. Back out and on to the window cleaning carts again, then make your way up again, with one more incident of baddies in windows. Once at the top of the building, Contract target is Chance White! he has got a private army in his media HQ go Deadpool go! Having not fully read the script, Deadpool sees the story of the game is set with him on a mission to assassinate corrupt media mogul Chance White. Deadpool storms White's media headquarters, slaughtering the guards before tackling himself and White out of the latter's penthouse window and into the sewers (apparently blowing the game's budget by repeating the events for kicks! Third-person shooter/Hack and Slash
(Yes, I know I'm in a video game... don't make me look like an idiot.)
Unlock weapon upgrades with achievement points. Guns! Knives! Explosives! Rubber duckies!
Unlock different combos by switching fighting styles (I know them all) and utilizing different weapons ("utilizing"? Who the hell is writing this?)
Cast(but really imm the only one ya need right )
These are the OTHER people in MY video game.
Deadpool (That's me!)
Chance White (Newbie)
Wolverine (Over powered butthole)
Psylocke (Hot Chick)
Domino (My Sexy on/off Girl. She may tell you otherwise but she's lying)
Cable (My bessssstttt frieeennnnd!)
Nolan North (He's my voice actor!)
Mr. Sinister (You know, the big bad trying to halt my progress?)
Vertigo (Lamest powers EVER)
Death (She is hooooooot!)
Rogue(She is also hooooooot! not counting me in her head with no head.HA!)
Magneto (Though he never appeared in my game, he is mentioned)
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