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DEATH LEVEL 9999 EXTREME SPICY Indonesian Street Foo...

The Food Ranger | Trevor James Follow
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  • 10 months ago
Get ready for EXTREME SPICY Indonesian Street Food, LEVEL 9999 Spicy!!! Check out https://ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, we're going for a FULL-ON street food adventure to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. And finding some DEATH LEVEL SPICY 9999 Extreme spicy catfish and some of the BEST street food in Indonesia!

Indonesia has some of the BEST street food in the WORLD, and Ting and I decided to take a last minute trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia, to taste the EXTREME Spicy catfish and Indonesian street food!!!

We're starting up first with one of Indonesia's most famous street foods in Jogjakarta, the GUDEG! Gudeg is a famous street food in Jogjakarta that is made from rice and a stewed chicken dish made from coconut milk and super sweet jaggery. It was one of the best street foods we tried in Jogjakarta! Found at Gudeg Lindu.

After this, we're driving DEEP into the countryside of Indonesia to visit the Manggut Lele spicy catfish stall. This was definitely one of the spiciest street foods I've ever tried! After visiting the kitchen and witnessing the traditional Indonesian recipes and watching the catfish boil on the BBQ, my eyes were burning with smoke and was ready to sit outside and enjoy the spicy catfish. It was INSANELY spicy but also slightly sweet! Very delicious!!!

After this, we're going for a famous Indonesian street food in Jogjakarta, the sate and goat intestine soup. The BBQ sate skewers were served right on the street and marinated in a traditional recipe of garlic and onion and salt. They were SUPER TENDER!!

After this, we're bringing YOU to a famous spicy duck joint in a VILLAGE outside of Jogjakarta! It was EXTREMELY SPICY!!! But also quite sweet, as Indonesian cuisine is in Jogjakarta.

And to finish up our Indonesian street food tour in Jogjakarta, we're visiting a local street stall to try the ronde, a local Indonesian dessert made from ginger and palm sugar and sugar palm fruit and peanuts. It was very delicious!

We had an amazing time in Jogjakarta, we are going to have to come back to shoot more of these street food videos and food vlogs for you soon!

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