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DESTINY 2: Fall of The Last City | LORE in a Minute!...

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  • 10 months ago
The Red Legion has launched a surprise attack on humanity and have taken all the Light and loot. It’s up to you (and millions of other Guardians) to retake the Light and save Earth!

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Written by Ben Blumenthal

Animated by MrChambers:

Voiced by Jace Willcutt

After the downfall of the Taken King, the Cabal Empire was left reeling from the loss of their leadership at the hands of the Guardians. They did, however, manage to get one last message to the Cabal Emperor, Dominus Gary --er Ghaul!

Ghaul, having overthrown the previous emperor at the behest of The Consul, believed that humanity was unworthy of the Light, and that only he and the Red Legion were deserving of Guardian status. And what better way to get revenge on those pesky humans and show the Traveller the error in its ways in one swift maneuver? A surprise attack utilizing a complex force-field that shrouds the Traveller from its Guardians, of course!

Now with both the Last City and the Speaker lost, the Light-less Guardians are on the run, exiled to a farm in the European Dead Zone. The Vanguard, though having survived, have all gone their separate ways in the aftermath. Zavala fled Earth to wallow in his failure on Titan. Ikora Rey has retreated to Io to uncover the secrets of the Traveller. And Cayde-6… well he’s stuck on Nessus after trying to steal from the Vex.

The Guardians only hope in defeating the Cabal lies in restoring their powers and reuniting the Vanguard. And getting loot. Like, a tonnn of it.

Have fun!


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