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Diep.io Fallen Overlord, Fallen Booster, Guardian, S...

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  • Video description
  • 5 years ago
The new Diep.io Bosses Fallen Overlord and Fallen Booster, Guardian and Summoner are awesome to play against, but pain in the ass when you're a small level, but you can always try to attack it before your teammates or enemies smash it. Even though they are very rarely atm..

[I forget to mention in the video, around each of the boss when killed gives 30,000 score.]
Image: http://goo.gl/51LZHm
A big pink dorito ship with lots of smaller doritos as it's jetstream. The smaller ones will gang up on one person and do very little damage, but their persistence and sheer number can overwhelm you if you're not careful.
Good against: Slow tanks, tanks with a low rate of fire/bullet penetration. I.e. Overlords, snipers will find it difficult to take down whilst protecting themselves (although overlords can use their drones to cover their escape pretty easily)
Bad against: Tanks with a high rate of fire, e.g. the Twin tree.

Fallen Booster
Image: http://goo.gl/rL6rXa
A grey booster. Not really that quick and the bullets don't do much damage, but if it catches you you're fucked.
Good against: Very, very slow tanks and cocky rammers that think they can take it with body damage (Hint: you can't)
Bad against: Basically everything else because it's not really that quick.

Image: http://goo.gl/iJ7qTV
Basically a big necromancer, except it spawns the shapes rather than taking them like a normal necro. Difficult to get close to because of the wall of squares and you should be pretty safe just shooting from a distance. As with the Guardian, it's drones are really weak and don't take much to destroy.
Good against: Similarly to the Guardian, it's best against tanks with a slow fire rate, as you can't suppress the drones flying at you.
Bad against: Tanks with a large spread, fire rate and/or penetration. The drones are so weak that most munitions will blast through the wall and straight to the Summoner on the other side. Even an Overlord or Necromancer can just walk it's drones straight into the Summoner's body (although it takes a lot of them to take it down).

Fallen Overlord:

Weak against: Almost everything that has good damage and reload.
Good against: Smasher and body-damage tanks, you can't ram it, you will die instantly, expect if their health is very low.

Source Of bosses(updated regularly): Flobarooner ( https://goo.gl/7Rcrlz )

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★ - What is Diepio?
Diepio is a game where you play as tanks and shoot things. Shoot shapes to upgrade your tank, then shoot players for lots of points.
And Diep.io is a a highly addictive browser game that adds guns and an RPG-esque leveling up system to the (already fun) massively multiplayer blob on blob action of Agar.io/Slither.io

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