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Dino Rex [ダイノレックス] Game Sample - Arcade

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 11 years ago
Generally labeled as a horrible fighting game, Dino Rex is one of several very obscure Taito games (developed back in 1992) that the company tried hard to stash away, hoping it would never turn up again, but sure enough, it did. Not even surfacing in the International "Taito Legends" compilations (though it was available in the Japanese game, "Taito Memories II Joukan"), the game featured some awful Engrish (Taito was known for Engrish back in the day though) to explain its story, featured large awkwardly-controlled claymation-styled / stop-motion looking dinosaurs controlled by tribal humans in which to do battle with (reminiscent graphically to games like Primal Rage, though this predates it), and had good (but overall incredibly obnoxious) music and sounds. It currently averages a 1.3 out of 10 score on GameFAQs and isn't seen as being much better on seperate sites with individual scores.

Perhaps its not entirely fair to label this as a crappy game. After all, it IS an early all-dinosaur fighting game and I don't honestly know how much people expected to be accomplished with that premise, especially as the game doesn't opt to use too many fantasy elements or over-the-top attacks. For the most part, the dinosaurs fight as they should, screech as they should for the most part (no matter how annoying it is), look good, and there is even a smidge of actual strategy to the game until you get to the late opponents, where it just boils down to spamming specific attacks and praying you come out on top. For what it set out to do, it's actually an acceptable effort and it was a fighter made in 1992... it's nothing I would come back to after finishing it and it's kinda awful, but I wasn't so disgusted by it that I felt it deserved to burn in hell or something. In my opinion, the biggest downside to this game is the play control, where executing a dinosaur's counter-clockwise special attack is almost impossible even when it's clearly described how to do it. The conventional controls are initially daunting in spite of only using two buttons and the computer doesn't show much mercy towards newcomers who are trying to learn what works. The hit detection could afford to be better too.

Playing as one of six different dinosaurs with different strengths, weaknesses, attacks, range, and special attacks, your goal is to fight your way to the top and become the king of the dinosaur tamers, with an interesting final battle where the trainers duke it out. The winner is labeled "Dino Rex" and wins the adoration of all the hot amazon women. Attacks are pretty simple. You have two buttons which can initiate different attacks based on the direction held, combination of directions pushed, and proximity to the opponent. You can execute a chasing combo for three special by pressing both attack buttons at once, though you must be close for it to connect. To jump, you must VERY QUICKLY press down and then up. You can also attack enemies when they're downed and pick up debris, though the computer will abuse this more than anything. The game is broken into days divided by strange "dreams" which are bonus games (about a corrupt businessman named Ho Lee Chan). The raw destruction and brutality is a nice touch. This is a video of the game with the story for Ho Lee Chan inserted after fight two.
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