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DIY Low Budget Plywood Plank Floors - Part 4 of 5

MrDiyDork Follow
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  • 9 years ago
See more pics & details here: http://www.diydork.com/plywood-plank-floors/

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One of the best things we've done during renovations to our barn house was ripping up all the nasty, stained, cat hair covered, carpet and replacing it with wood flooring.

The thing was though, our budget was low. REALLY low. I've always loved using plywood for furniture & creative projects, so I did some digging around the internet for plywood flooring ideas.

I found pictures of a couple of modern installations and also a rustic one in a store from picklee.com. We went with the more rustic flooring (with a big 'ol modern twist) and they turned out awesome!

This is part 4 of a 5 part video series I made showing how to add a finish to the plywood plank flooring. I also included a few tips about what size air gun & nails I used to secure the floor to the subfloor.

My subfloor was 3/4" thick and the plywood was 1/2", so together that's 1-1/4". With that in mind, I used 1-1/2" long finish nails (over 8,500 of them!) which worked great. 2" nails would work too, but anything bigger than 2" or smaller than 1-1/2" probably wouldn't be a good choice.

I went ahead and added a little more white wash to all the floors before finishing them with an oil based, satin, polyurethane for high traffic floors. It brought back a lot of the amber to the floors, but the white wash kept it toned down to an almost raw plywood color instead of the bright orange-y/amber you'd see inside a traditional style cabin with pine floors or walls.

Hope this video helps you out if you're thinking of doing something similar.

Plywood Plank Floor Videos:

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Part 4: http://youtu.be/DIcS3sKI_Kk
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Part 6 (1 Year Update): http://youtu.be/7RdTpxOityY

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