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DJI Mavic Pro Unboxing ...

Barnacules Nerdgasm Follow
  • Video description
  • 2 years ago
DJI sent me over their latest DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter and it absolutely blew away almost all of my expectations. We unbox the aircraft in my Nerd Cave & then take it to DirtFish Rally School where we have 300 acres of clear airspace to play around. I can say with absolute confidence that this is a swiss army knife of drones that can do it all, indoors or outdoors!

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▼ Mavic Pro Specs ▼
27 min flight time (we got about ~20 in the wind)
7 km range (4.4 miles, I can't find an area big enough to test this)
65Km/h (40mph forward speed with no wind)
3-axis gimbal w/ 4k Camera (12MP stills)
Tripod mode allows for very small precision movements in confined spaces
GPS + Sensor data allows for a flawless hover even in moderate wind

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▼ Special Thanks ▼
Adam (aka. Kevlar Condom) - Camera Man #1
Phil (Imaging InFlight) - Chase Drone Footage

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) What was the little flickering hair during the ariel video?
A) It was windy and somehow a fiber got blown into the little dome and we didn't notice it on the small screen with the sunlight. Only noticed it during editing. The dome is removable for easy cleaning, keep in mind it was really windy and raining so not ideal conditions.

Q) Why didn't you show all the features of the aircraft?
A) The video edited is already 17 minutes long if I added all the footage it would have been over an hour. I'll do a follow video later if enough people want it.

Q) Why did you throw your Phantom 3 off the desk? Someone would love to have that.
A) I still love my Phantom 3, don't worry though the magic of video it landed on a pile of coats and was completely unharmed.

Q) Why didn't you test sport-mode?
A) To be honest the wind was blowing hard and I wanted to have more control over the aircraft. We will test sport mode on a calmer day but I'm excited to see how fast it goes since without sport mode it was still going very quickly.

Q) It's not 'May-vick' it's 'Maa-vick' you dumb ass.
A) Here in Seattle, WA I talked to about a half dozen people and they all called it 'May-vick' so I did also. Let's just call it a Western USA accent :D
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