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Do These 6 Things to Have A Healthier Home

Chelsea Crockett Follow
  • Video description
  • 2 weeks ago
If you do these 6 things now your home will be healthier and you will feel more at peace! We use essential oils, toxic free products, and highly recommend you watch the documentary called "Stink". One of our inspos for videos like these is Sarah Terese. You should check out her channel as well!

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Background of this channel: Nick and Chelsea are a 21 year old married couple living in Georgia. They live with their sweet golden retriever pup Wally. Chelsea has made videos on this channel for years starting in the beauty world and now venturing into the lifestyle/advice/family world. They both spend most of their time writing, capturing photos, and planning content around the issues that young adults face. They both have a podcast as well that calls out issues in culture, real life struggles, and fun times most of us go through like getting married or graduating school! The podcast is called "Encounter Now" with Nick and Chels.

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