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Dong Dong Never Die Game Sample - PC/Doujin/Indie

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 13 years ago
Original Air Date: February 03, 2010

Here's an unusual game: A Chinese game developed with the Tsukuru Fighter Maker program and expanded with other tools to do things average FM games don't, such as support net play (don't know what a Chinese doujin is called). This is one of the most amazing, broken freeware fighters I've played in a long time. To clarify a little, I find the game amazing, but it is also amazingly broken in what I can presume to be intentional, as almost every character has the ability to do cheap infinity or 100% combos.

The game has some of the best photo-realism I've ever seen in a fighter like this, with fluid animations and excellent detail. The game's characters and animations were done by real people and combined with over 10,000 different photos to create the character animations and backdrops with some moderate spritework and the like thrown in for good effect. I absolutely love the quirky character roster and how little the game takes itself seriously (it even comes with an Akuma-Mario, Streets of Rage themed bonus levels, etc.), but the group also shows that they are quite talented in the process. They are currently working on a "secret" project (I'll show you in the video after this). The game was three years in the making.

The game is a combination of Street Fighter and KoF with visuals stylings more reminiscent of Mortal Kombat. The story is about a "street fighter" fighting competition in Guangzhou city of China in 2009. Before the finals, many fighters disappeared mysteriously. All the clues lead to the someone known as "Biochemistry Man". An undercover cop named "Dongdong" from Sichuan province began his trip to the South, disguised as a fighter to discover the truth. You can read more about the story in English at the links we'll provide, but it's actually based around Terminator (you know, Skynet and all that Jazz). The game has a general ending and plot, but Dong Dong (the main character) has an expanded story.

The game features dozens of fighters with their own moves. Many are borrowed from other fighters (as is usually the case), but they are mixed and matched between characters, so most characters don't fall under things like the "Complete Kyo Clone" or "Complete Guile Clone", ecetera. Due to the animation approach, it was much harder to make convincing animations to go with the various moves, and the effort shows. From John Woo stunt antics of Gouki's "Slow Motion Bullet Time" (Think Max Payne) to excellently animated nunchaku attacks to just plain weird moves, things look great. The music is also taken from many different games (Streets of Rage 2, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Street Fighter III, etc.) and sounds good as well.

I wouldn't obviously compare this game with a commercial release, but it's definitely worth a download. We play as Da Lǎn. You can read more about the game and get download links at:

^ Well, the links that were previously here aren't functioning. I have the game uploaded in two parts at:



MF's policy now blocks large split archives...GO FIGURE. In that case, please get the game from below:


The game is over 900MB after unpacking the archives.


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