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Double Action Boogaloo DOLPHINS (PC Gameplay Comment...

Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
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What is Double Acton Boogaloo? Just picture a michael bay movie... except video game form.

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Double Action Boogaloo is crazy and I think you'll agree. Between being able to freeze time (slow motion), dive, wall flip, and a ton of other tricks I think you'll see what so fun about it!


Mr. Fruit:


Who is Mr. Fruit you ask? Mr. Fruit is a YouTuber who primarily loves to play - almost anything. He wants to spread the fun, laughter, and friendship it can create. He hopes that you'll stick around his channel not primarily for one single game - although that's perfectly fine - but rather because you enjoy gaming and you enjoy a variety of things and just watching Mr. Fruit make a fool of himself. While he does generally play FPS games, he's looking to expand as his audience grows and move on to more varied content. This being his second channel, Mr. Fruit promises quality content that he hopes will bring a smile or laugh to all those who watch. Outside of videos, when he plays games he can sometimes be serious and "try-hard". While those videos don't express it, Mr. Fruit is above average at most games and loves playing them competitively. Thanks for your time and for reading a little bit more about who Mr. Fruit is!


Game Description :


Double Action is a stylish multiplayer game about diving, flipping, and sliding your way into an action movie mayhem. Imagine doing a backflip off some dude’s face, then diving through a window, gold-plated pistols firing in slow motion. There’s an explosion behind you and somebody’s stolen your briefcase full of money.

Is that enough action for you? Multiply it by two for Double Action.

Double Action began when intrepid game developer and stylish action hero Jorge Rodríguez (known on the Internet as “Vino”) envisioned a game more stylish than any other. Work began in early 2011 when indie game developers from all over the internet joined him to collaborate on their global masterpiece of style. Joined by developers like Nick “Dementei” Kochman, Abe “Black Stormy” Brookes, and many others, they finally completed the game in 2014 and christened it Double Action.

Wait, hold the press — Why are you still here? Instead of reading this dull media packet, you could be diving through a window away from an explosion with a submachine gun nicknamed “The Mac Daddy” in one hand and a briefcase full of cash in the other! Well, get on with it then!


Outro Song:
'Chiptune Does Dubstep' by Teknoaxe
License: Royalty Free

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