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Dragon Ball [ドラゴンボール] Game Sample - WonderSwan...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 9 years ago
Yup, it's another one of MANY video games based on one of Akira Toriyama's greatest works, Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball for the SwanCrystal and WSC is a surprisingly nice DB RPG, and a remake of the NES/FC game, Dragon Ball 3: Gokuuden, with significantly improved graphics and sound. Like the NES/FC game, it is a brief summarization of most of the Dragon Ball series and goes from when Kid Goku meets Bulma to the tournament with Piccolo Junior.

The game, while in Japanese, is largely very easy to understand and won't be presenting any major new story elements you haven't seen before in the anime, so if you're familiar with the franchise, you'll know pretty much everything that's happening in this game. The gameplay is a Board Game RPG with cards. You can travel and revisit places by using cards randomly drawn into your deck which have three values. The only thing that matters when moving is the number of stars in the upper-left corner of a card, which determines how many spaces you move. In battles (which are random or on a space), things happen a little differently.

Like stated before, cards have three main values. The upper-left represents your Attack and Speed. If your card has more stars than the enemy, they attack that turn. If your card has less than the enemy, you get attacked. If you share the same number of stars, it's a draw and you move on to the next card you selected or the next phase of operations. The symbols in the middle determine what technique you hit your enemy with, which can range from various standard attacks to power pole blows to special techniques you can choose from a list, which unleashes a character's most powerful moves. The symbol in the lower-right represents Defense. Depending on who gets attacked, the damage dealt is reduced depending on what is there.

Goku can also gain experience points and go up in levels (where you can allocate points to different stats like Speed, Power, Technique, and Toughness), gain the assistance of various characters in the DB universe, and have characters like Krillin and Yamcha join his team and fight in battles. You'll also visit towns and solve various problems, and there are sometimes more than one way to solve problems, but they aren't always smart (it's funny that you can attack the old man in the first town to get his attention, but you lose some health). This is a video of roughly the first twenty minutes. Enjoy.
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