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Dragon Blast [Project Soul Gainer] Game Sample - PC/...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 13 years ago
Original Air Date: September 19, 2009 (Revised Today!)

Dragon Blast is a pretty cool 3D Doujin fighting game (with 2D gameplay) that supports net play, but requires a pretty good computer to run well. The game allows you to alter many settings from graphics to audio, so it should run on many computers, but will look hideous without a decent comp. The roster of characters isn't too big, but each character is distinct and harbors many different attacks that you can use to string together complicated combos. This game is probably better played against a friend, as the A.I. is pretty dumb and guards 80% of the time, so if you wanted, you can just cross them up and throw them and do combos that way to your hearts content.

Characters can use various special techniques and systems from the moment you pick them, and can select a special art to go into battle with. The special art, besides being added to the characters list of specials, influences how many special gauges they can accumulate and how quickly they can be filled. It's sorta like SFIII, but you can use many other specials in addition to the one you select. For example, the character I used, Ena, can select a special to assualt the foe like a savage, surround herself with musical notes to do damage, or do a girly booty-bop special (that becomes more sinister when maxed), but these are all seperate from base specials and supers. It's kinda interesting and lets you experiment with each character.

Characters can upgrade their regular attacks in a Darkstalkers fashion, but instead of consuming special energy, it makes your character "heat" a little. These "heat" attacks are the foundation for many combos as they can be cancelled from other moves and is the one way to take advantage of the CPU when the opportunity arises. Doing too many too soon will cause a character to "overheat" and they can't do any more upgraded attacks until they cool down some, so keep this in mind. The specials are over-the-top in many cases, which is what I like about them.

Lastly, characters can "Wake Up" and release their true power. While they are awakened, they may change in appearance or attitude and gain new abilities in addition to dealing more damage and being capable of executing MAX specials. For example, Ena changes from a simple girl into a ruthless, dark fighter. She gains the ability to swing her fists in a frenzy, grab enemies and drag them accross the screen and slam them into a wall, and her base special changes from a light meteor shower to a demonic special that acts as a trap. Her voice changes too. She perhaps changes more than any other character when she wakes up.

This video was revised to run at a higher framerate and higher resolution. It also covers more battles so you can see more and hear the music. The audio has been recorded differently so it doesn't sound "strange" like the old video. This is good because the music is one of the best things about the game. It should also be noted that the game is running with "moderate" settings; I could have recorded the game using higher audio/video settings at the expense of a lower framerate, but wanted a recording around 60FPS. Enjoy.

The game was given out for free and I believe I have the free version that they gave away...there is one that seems to have a story mode, but I have no idea where to get it and the download link on the dev's page is dead. I've uploaded mine on Mediafire at:


If, for whatever reason, you are missing ULNHA32.dll on your system, I have scanned one and uploaded it to my account. Put it in the same directory as the game if you need it:



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