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Dungeon Prime! [だんじょんぷらいむ!] Game Sample - PC/Doujin...

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  • 5 years ago

The standard version (non 60FPS) can be seen at:



"Dungeon Prime!" [だんじょんぷらいむ!] is a Doujin action RPG game presented by the talented group, "Nonlinear". It is within the "roguelike / dungeon-crawl" genre where players run through semi-randomized dungeons with random treasures and dangers, but it differs in several ways from a traditional roguelike, the biggest difference being that the player and enemies move in real-time. The story is fairly simple and deals with two sisters, Hinata, and Holon, who are travelling when they wind up in the mysterious town of Edibu. Hinata, being more hot-blooded and curious, learns from the townsfolk that great treasures lurk beyond the forests and runs off to find adventure. Holon, trying to track Hinata down, finds out from a kind old woman that she has went into the woods and could be in danger, so Holon investigates, thus beginning the tale.

Interestingly, each character has different story events depending on who you play as and they have fundamentally different play mechanics. Hinata is the warrior female of the sisters and primarily fights using weapons and melee skills. Holon is the mage character and cannot fight with any weapon, but she utilizes powerful magic scrolls that have a finite use, so she is the more challenging character to play as there is more strategy involved. There are also a variety of items to find and buy such as rings that augment your abilities, items that take effect immediately when picked up, and certain things can only be acquired when playing as a certain character. Other quirks include different character movement speeds and field spells that both characters can used (Holon, being the mage, activates field spells faster than Hinata).

The graphics are bright and colorful with nicely illustrated characters and a silky smooth 60FPS motion, and the musical score, while occasionally obnoxiously upbeat, is enjoyable to listen to. Combine this with its somewhat different approach to the roguelike genre and fairly good length for a Doujin game (20+ hours) and you have a finely-honed indie title that could even pass for commercial quality.

You can learn more about this game at:

And you can get this game at:


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