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EAGLE ATTACK!! (caught on camera)

Shonduras Follow
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  • 2 years ago
punched in the nuts -- https://youtu.be/qoF6ZI1UAk4
play the app iOS -- http://bit.ly/2vSKcn2
play the app Android -- http://bit.ly/2vX5G2g

Best Time Machine Day Ever 587

We have a super cool announcement, but the only way for it to make sense is to go back in time! A TIME MACHINE MORTY!!
Diving head first into the Time Machine we go way back to BDE 232. We meet up with Devin Supertramp super early at a lake with this bouncy, giant slip and slide. do some backflips and flips then grab Giant boxing gloves on joust sticks, out in the middle of lake, charging full speed at someone else without falling... what could go wrong?! get the Behind the scenes look at this shoot. We see the Red dragon camera, Canon camera, and DJI Phantom drone used to make these awesome videos. Then back to the present where I explain to you the surprise!! its Devinsupertramps new app called Devinsupertramp stuntman and i'm a playable charterer (If you want to beat the game you'll want to play as me
Vlogger of the day:


The daily Shaytards show is a family everyday-lifestyle show about the Shay family. The show was officially started on March 5 2009, when YouTube vlogger Shaycarl decided to post a vlog every day ...

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