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Eat Germany - 5 Foods You Have to Eat in Germany

woltersworld Follow
  • Video description
  • 3 years ago
Germany is full of amazing food choices, from traditional German specialties like Schweinbraten and Knoedel to international fair to the old standby of a Bratwurst. Here we have five things people should eat when they visit Germany, because you do not always have time to eat everything that a country has to offer. So here are our foodie five.
• Drink the Beer: No, beer isn’t food, but in Germany it is just as vital to have beer as food and what is great about the beer in Germany is that each region or city will have its own traditional beer brands as well as a the possibility of its own beer style. So whether you like pilsner, lager or black beer there will be something for you.
• Yes, Eat the Sausages: Thueringer Rostbratwurst is the definitive bratwurst you should have in Germany. But it is not the only sausage, from the small Nuremberger bratwurst to a frankfurter to Weisswurst, Germany is full of sausages that you should try.
• Pork, Pork & More Pork: Germany seems to be the capital of Pork eating and for good reason. There are a number of amazing pork dishes in Germany. Haxe or a grilled pork shoulder or perhaps boiled instead (Eisbein) or as Schweinbraten, or maybe smashed down into a pork schnitzel. You will not run out of way eat Scwein in Germany.
• The Bread: Germany has amazing bakeries in the large cities and small towns and you should take advantage of that. From Brotchen (small rolls) to loaves of dark thick dense bread to the amazing cakes and treats you can’t go wrong with bread in Germany.
• The Garnishes or Die Beilagen: German menus do not give you an option with the side dishes. And they do that for good reason. The meals in Germany already have the recommended side dishes that go with those dishes so you don’t pick and choose. So you may have sweet red cabbage (Rotkohl) or traditional Sauerkraut. There is always potatoes in their many forms as well, Pommes (fries), Kroketten (croquettes), perhaps as a dumpling? And the noodles aren’t too bad either, nor are the soups. Just trust the menu with your side dishes in Germany
Guten Appetit!
Filmed in Berlin, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

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