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Elvandia Story [エルヴァンディア ストーリー] Game Sample - Playst...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 5 years ago
Ah, Elvandia Story... Spike's notorious "kusoge" Tactical-RPG release for the PS2 that is often compared to Fire Emblem (even though I don't see it much... it's not much different from most isometric/tactical games released during or after the 90s). Developed and released in 2007, Elvandia Story is a paint-by-numbers game full of oversights, programming flaws, an amateurish-at-best plot (with obvious cliché galore), a mediocre presentation, and some rather unsettling endings that almost bring the game from mediocrity to epicness simply because they come straight out of left field given everything that precedes them. I wish I could say it was better, but I can't, and I really want to like it since Spike was mostly "Human Entertainment" at one time, but that would be biased. This title just seems like something created to pad Spike's business portfolio as if to say "We're not just known for carrying on the Syndrome series or Fire Pro Wrestling".

The basic story is that you play with a young 14-year-old noble named Ashley who is one of the retainers of Prince Charles, the future ruler of the land of Elvandia, who is on a pilgrimage to stop the plans of a powerful enemy named Magdaf who wants to bring all the nations under his control through power and fear. Shortly through the game (I wouldn't deem this a spoiler), you find out that you are the "secret" twin brother to Prince Charles and are destined to stop Magdaf and his wild ambitions, but you need the aid of "Glaesums", magical shards of the Gods to forge weapons capable enough to stand a chance against him. Much death and destruction follows.

The game has your basic move/attack phase found in many games like this as well as shops where you can buy a variety of weapons for different characters and classes. All weapons and magic spells have "durability" and can be used a finite number of times before being discarded, but characters can carry more than one into battle, and the game is spread out across a couple dozen chapters, so it'll take a few hours to complete it. What sets it apart from some games is its "Glaesum" system where you can craft legendary gear from fragments of the gods of Light and Dark if you find enough and a system to send a character on a expedition to pick up supplies during battle, but you can't use that character in battle and it's usually stupidly expensive, so it's an unnecessary feature.

What truly makes the game so poor is that it is utterly broken in nearly every way imaginable from the inconsistent, disjointed plot to the horribly unbalanced gameplay and unfinished play mechanics. For example, the warrior classes are simple and easy enough to use, but mage characters are super over-powered and only become more powerful when promoted as they frequently attack multiple times, are almost impossible to hit in battle by any foe of merit, can counterattack close AND long range characters with ease, are crazy accurate, level quickly, and CAN EVEN ATTACK THROUGH WALLS. Don't be surprised if a single mage kills up to five times as many units as a GROUP of melee fighters.

Want more insult to injury? The game has features such as "Side Attack" and "Back Attack" that are "supposed" to increase parameters like accuracy, but do absolutely nothing in the game, and there are legendary "S" class weapons in the game, but characters get promoted so late in the game that they won't raise their weapon class in a reasonable fashion to even USE THEM. The game is utterly challenge-less as-is, and power-leveling even one character makes the game that much easier as you can solo the game as nearly anyone. The worst aspect out of them all however is that the A.I. is brain-dead. There is also a branching story path that leads to multiple endings that aren't hinted at and make no sense from any sort of logical standpoint. As for the plot itself... well, explaining the deeper intricacies of it would ruin everything and probably make you not even want to play it, so I'll just say read about it on the Internet if you really want to know.

The game's one shining achievement is a rather nice soundtrack done by famed composers "Norihiko Hibino" and "Noriyuki Iwadare". The main opening theme, "Lion no Tsubasa" is a particularly moving song by Chihiro Yonekura and the soundtrack disc to this title is worth tracking down. A series of mangas based around the game perhaps explain some of the plot holes in the game, but I only have one of them, so I don't know how much, if any, they relate to each other. Overall, I'd definitely have to say that this is by no means a hidden gem, but you gotta go through a few lemons before you get the delicious lemonade, lol. This is a video showing some dialogue, one of two opening movies, and one entire battle. Enjoy.
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