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Eminem - Berzerk (GTA 5 Parody)

XpertThief Follow
  • Video description
  • 9 years ago
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How To Get A Headstart In Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

10 Facts About GTA 5 Online

A Grand Theft Auto 5 music video parody of "Berzerk" by Eminem. All video footage and gameplay was shot inside GTA 5 / GTA V. Loving GTA5 so far so I decided to make this :)

Trevor's getting pissed off but we're used to that
and Franklin is the driver got chop in the back
Micheal's aim you can't match up, his shots do not lack
that's why your dead on the ground won't get up after tha-aat
yes I just robbed an old lady because I'm crooked
equipped my grenades it's time to cook it
they hear the sirens and shots so they be looking
could've gave back the wallet instead I took it
time to make like a novel you see me book it
skip class to play we call that hooky
let's bring it back to the crib and stack it
free roaming all night and doing whatever we like and I don't mean the song by TI, bish
been playing GTA since the view was bird's eye, bish

bike ridding, mountain climbing
sky diving in GTA
pistol poppin, bodies droppin
strip club hoppin in GTA

we're gonna play this game until we go insane
and that'll never change, all night into the A.M
driving, crazy gang violence, here we go, here we go
stick em up, get money or handcuffed
robbing stores so I'm never broke (so)

the ladies like the way that I'm dressed up
button pressed punch to the face now you messed up, now what?
popping into your store I be like guess what
I'm breaking into the register gimme cash punk
this is just a game but we ain't playing
we bout our business and buying ourselves dang planes
copped a cargo bob my homie just did the same thing
so if you in the air you'll get shot quickly like bang bang
in the strip club like bow chica wow wow
in the country hitting cow c-c- cow cows
is that a bike I want it now n-n-now now
got a problem then it's pow p-p-pow pow
are you stupid or dumb bro
I just hijacked a Lambo f you got a problem I got some ammo, BAM ho

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