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English Grammar Lessons - Words written together or ...

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  • 9 years ago
Take the Quiz at : http://learnex.in/words-written-together-and-apart-english-writing-lesson/

English writing lesson - Words written together or apart.:

In this lesson Ceema explains the usage of words written together and apart.The same words, written as one word or split into two words, will differ in meaning. So you need to know which word you really want.

Any more: something additional or further
Example: I don't want any more cake.
Anymore: any longer, nowadays
Example: Harry doesn't travel anymore.

Anyone: anybody
Example: Anyone can learn to cook but few can learn to cook well.
Any one: any single member of a group of people or things
Example: Can any one of you tell me the answer to my question?

Everyone: everybody
Example: Everyone on the list has contributed to the ASPCA.
Every one: each one
Example: I wish I could buy every one of those puppies.

Everybody: everyone
Example: Everybody is working harder today than ten years ago.
Every body: each body
Example: Every body requires protein, vitamins, and minerals.
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