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ENTENTE STRIKES BACK!! | Hearts of Iron 4: AI Only G...

BAStartGaming Follow
  • Video description
  • 6 years ago
What if Germany won World Won One? In this AI only gameplay, we will view the world in 1936 as if the Germans had won the first world war. How will the world play out and what ideologies will take over? Will the map / conflicts be unrecognizable, or will the world ultimately look somewhat similar after the dust of WW2 settles?

The Kaiserreich 4 Team are proud to announce that the most popular alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron II & Darkest Hour has now come to Hearts of Iron IV! Originally thought up by Sarmatia in 2005, the mod has since developed into one of the most in-depth alternate history mods, with thousands of new events, new graphics, new countries (Freistaat Mittelafrika, anyone?) and even new mechanics! Rewrite history (again), but this time in Hearts of Iron IV!
So onwards all and enjoy!

Features present in alpha 0.2:
An immersive alternative history scenario
A completely new political system including party popularity effects and stability levels
Reworked map with new states and provinces
10 new ideologies
Thousands of new events that offer a wide range of different possibilities
18+ new focus trees
New coloured portraits for country leaders and military leaders
Tiered system of military ministers
Hundreds of new companies and minsters for all countries

Planned features:
Even more events
Focus trees for every country
Overhauled technology tree
New equipment and unit types
Unique 3D unit models for different countries

Kaiserreich [Germany Wins WW1] Mod:

Hearts of Iron 4 on Steam:

Hearts of Iron 4 Modern Day Mod as Trump:
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