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Epic Games Store Isn't Selling Your Data to China (Y...

The Know Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
If swearing allegiance to China is all it takes to play Borderlands 3 then ni hao, comrade.

[Reddit] Epic Game Store, Spyware, Tracking, and You! https://is.gd/fY2VuG
[ResetEra] The Epic Game Store, Spyware, Tracking, and You! https://is.gd/P9fOVc
[Fortune] One in Five U.S. Companies Say China Has Stolen Their Intellectual Property https://is.gd/hjciJR
[The Atlantic] China's Surveillance State Should Scare Everyone https://is.gd/mE6XAU
[New York Times] Rights Groups Seek U.N. Inquiry Into China’s Mass Detention of Muslims https://is.gd/t5SmUL
[PC Gamer] EA: "Origin is not spyware" https://is.gd/k6KXAX
[Facepunch] Epic Games Store Is Shit - But It's Not Spyware https://is.gd/EuhDHe
[Twitter] @TimSweeneyEpic https://is.gd/XaKgAz
[Twitter] @TimSweeneyEpic https://is.gd/Dib5oB
[Twitter] @TimSweeneyEpic https://is.gd/dGOH32
[Twitter] @TimSweeneyEpic https://is.gd/dGOH32
[Fortune] Data Sheet—How Tencent Profits From Fortnite Mania https://is.gd/GGafEO
[Polygon] Riot Games now owned entirely by Tencent https://is.gd/3A0TQ9
[The Motley Fool] Tencent Owns Stakes in These 4 U.S. Companies https://is.gd/aKYiRG
[Fortune] China's Tencent Folds Yet Another Video Game Company Into Its Empire https://is.gd/afnRv8
[Forbes] Facebook Has Just Been Caught Spying On Users' Private Messages And Data -- Again https://is.gd/FW640g
[New York Times] Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: What You Need to Know as Fallout Widens https://is.gd/YtL7nX
[Twitter] @TimSweeneyEpic https://is.gd/Ont1sG
[Gamespot] Borderlands 3 On PC Is Exclusive To Epic Games Store Until Early 2020 https://is.gd/D1vqKT
[Kotaku] Borderlands Is Getting Review Bombed On Steam Over Epic Store Exclusivity https://is.gd/d20UrN
[Twitter] @Skeraxis2 https://is.gd/7zlf5X
[Twitter] @4godsakeanyname https://is.gd/0VbZyR
[Twitter] @NetElvis https://is.gd/OuLwSV
[Twitter] @Weesiwel https://is.gd/uWmNXc
[IGN] Remember when steam first came out in 2003 everyone hated it? https://is.gd/VeVwpL
[Giantbomb] Remember when everyone hated Steam? https://is.gd/9p065b
[Reddit] Does anyone remember when we all hated Steam because it sucked? When this gif was popular? How times change... https://is.gd/dlwApA
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