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Episode 1 - Let's Play Project Zomboid - The Ballad...

SplatterCatGaming Follow
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  • 10 years ago
The first part in our Let's Play of Project Zomboid. During the course of this Let's Play we'll be having a look at the various gameplay mechanics and talking about early game priorities as you take your first foray into Project Zomboid.

Check out the channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/SplatterCatGaming
Check out the Nerd Castle : http://www.youtube.com/user/SplatterCatGaming
The Nerd Castle on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Splattercat
Twitter : https://twitter.com/SplattrCatGames
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SplattercatGaming

Get the game on Desura : http://www.desura.com/games/project-zomboid
Developer website : http://projectzomboid.com/blog/index.php/buy-our-games/

Who is Splattercat?

I'm a Let's Player / gamer from Northern California who enjoys video games of all varieties. While I do game on the Xbox 360 and Wii occasionally, most of the content that is featured on this channel will be new PC game releases and Indie PC Games.I publish videos daily so be sure to check in and see what's been going with me here at the Nerd Castle. My upload schedule typically includes one main series which is uploaded daily, followed by two minor series' which are alternated. This means you get two videos a day with alternating additional content on alternating days. I enjoy Strategy games, RPGs of all varieties, and Sandbox games, so many times my gaming content will reflect this in my game selections. If you're into humor, banter, or slightly off topic discussion while I play you'll probably find something to like here. All videos will be uploaded in 720p, as I find 480p and lower to be a strain on my eyes. Thus, I assume it bothers other people too. I try to keep my content mostly clean, but language / adult jokes may make an appearance on occasion. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the future comments!

What is this? Project Zomboid?

This my Nerd Castle Playthrough / Walkthrough of IndieStone's New Survival Sandbox RPG Action game Project Zomboid. During the course of our gameplay videos, we'll offer commentary with regards to Project Zomboid's features, bugs, and general gameplay strategies. Beginning with Episode 1 / Part 1 Project Zomboid will put us into the shoes of a Zombie survivor who has to struggle with hunger, thirst, exhaustion, sickness and hordes of the undead. Project Zomboid videos will be posted here daily until the series begins to reach maturity, at which point we'll probably make it an alternate series. Project zomboid farming, and project zomboid building are also options, giving Zomboid players the ability to manipulate their Knox County home by creating houses and farmsteads to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. In this Let's Play of Project Zomboid, we'll do our best to last as long as possible but unfortunately most Project Zomboid games end in heartbreak.
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