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EVERY Sourdough Starter Question Answered By a Pro |...

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  • 1 week ago
Is foam normal? Is it possible to overfeed? What's an unhealthy smell? Kelsey Youngman and Margaret Eby tackle every possible question about sourdough starters and how to take care of them.

0:24 What do you do when you first get a starter?
0:55 Do I need to discard any off of a new starter?
1:22 Should I keep a lid on the starter?
3:10 How long after I feed my starter is it ready to bake?
3:49 What kind of flour is best?
4:59 What's the foaminess?
5:04 Can you overfeed a starter?
5:08 When are you ready to share you starter?
5:14 What's a healthy smell (for a starter)?
5:24 What's an unhealthy smell?
5:36 Can you switch flours?
5:38 Is there a better season to make sourdough?
5:45 Can you put the starter in the fridge?
5:48 Are there sourdough police?
5:50 What's a good bubble size?
5:55 Can you consume the hooch?
6:10 What's a bad name for a starter?
6:34 What is the best kind of music to play for your starter?

#withme #sourdough

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