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Expensive Stuff That Only The Rich Can Afford

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  • Video description
  • 6 years ago
10 random items, toys and products that the wealthy have no problem putting on their shopping list!
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At one time or another, we have all wished we were wealthy. We want to be rich for many reasons, one of them being the luxury of being able to afford anything and everything we want. When you have a lot of money, you choose to spend it on some pretty absurd things, simply because you can. Rich people tend to spend money on things they don’t even need. Whether is be a television made of alligator skin or the world’s most expensive hamburger, there are some things people with regular incomes just wouldn’t spend money on. So why would rich people decide to buy a motorized surfboard instead of donating to charities or investing? Because they need to show off how much money they have, so they make extravagant purchases. This display of wealth is caused by a person’s need to inflate their ego and seek attention, whether that attention is positive or negative. It begs the question, if a millionaire has all this money but never spends it, does it really exist? These people are trying to prove something not only to their peers but also to themselves. The age-old saying ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ is true, but it does buy you a lot, including these luxurious items. Buying these things helps a rich person deal with their crazy lives, and in acting like other wealthy people, they feel as though they being a part of the social class they’re situated in because of their bank account.

Granted, the items featured in this video are all unreasonably high in price, but they all still sell really well. It’s hard to believe in today’s society, three hundred dollar ice is something that is in high demand, but it is. Just because the global economy is suffering doesn’t mean those with a ridiculous amount of money are going to stop buying ridiculous things. There is so much out there to buy, and people with money want to buy it all. That attitude is probably what got them all that money in the first place, the drive behind wanting to have it all. It’s true that most wealthy people have earned the right to buy whatever they want, it’s just surprising to see what they decide to spend their money on. The question is, would you buy these things if you had the money to do so? Or would you choose to spend your millions on more appropriate and less extravagant things? It would be nice to be able to send our dog to a puppy spa, or drink an energy drink made with gold flakes, but we’re going to have to settle for sponge baths and Red Bull for now.

For any of us regular Joe’s, we would probably have to sell an organ to be able to afford any of these items but it’s interesting to see how the other half lives. These are expensive items that only rich people would buy, because no one else would be able to afford them.

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Gläce Luxury Ice Cubes
The Throne from Game of Thrones
Le Burger Extravagant
PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition Television
Gold Energy Drink
Virtual Reality Simulators
JetSurf Motorized Surf Board
Gocycle Electric Bicycle
Luxury Dog Spa and Shop
Wheel Jib

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