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Extra Remix - Mega Ran aka Random - Nerdcore Hip Hop...

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  • 6 years ago
Find more of MegaRan's work here! http://bit.ly/ERMegaRan

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Mega Ran (aka Random) combines hip hop beats with game sounds and chiptune tracks to create a subgenre he calls "chip-hop" - and his live, freestyle rap performances are not to be missed!

Find all the music featured in this episode at the links below!

Sock Hop (0:18): http://bit.ly/1sxdchy
River City Ransom

Flashman (0:51): http://bit.ly/1BQVOXI
Mega Man 2

Absolute (feat. Ilyas and Maja) (1:42): http://bit.ly/1wbvzYY
Final Fantasy VII

Aria of the Bloodline (3:10): http://bit.ly/1wA1nH0
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Nairobi Hop (4:27): http://bit.ly/1BQWyfA
Super Dodge Ball

Splash Woman (5:17): http://bit.ly/1sxe4Tf
Mega Man 9

Lava Reef (feat. Storyville) (6:22): http://bit.ly/1wUmw0z
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

MAGFest 12 (2014) Mega Ran freestyle (7:34): http://bit.ly/1DDxKJK

Go Off (feat. Beefy and Phill Harmonix) (8:44): http://bit.ly/16oW43e
Mega Man 10

Mako Reactor (10:25): http://bit.ly/1IVpIw4
Final Fantasy VII

Buy (most of) Mega Ran’s albums here!

Buy some more at his shared page with K-Murdock!

And have a look at his (already successful) KickStarter!

Also, he's got a new Mega Man album coming on Christmas day!

And he and K-Murdock have a Patreon!


You can also find Mega Ran at the following links!

Website: http://bit.ly/ERMegaRan

Bandcamp (megarankmurdock): http://bit.ly/1wCl1AN
YouTube (megaranmusic): http://bit.ly/1wUnWbo
SoundCloud (megaranmusic): http://bit.ly/1Af6WK2
Instagram (randombeats): http://bit.ly/1AArMUb
Facebook (MegaRanMusic): http://on.fb.me/1Af73FG
Twitter (@megaran): http://bit.ly/1xn1uHi

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