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Facing a Scalloped Neckline

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  • 5 years ago
A scalloped neckline on a sewing project is considered to be a decorative feature.
It is easily identifiable by the series of outer curves and rounded edges which form the neckline.
Clearly, a scalloped neckline gets its name as the shaping is reminiscent of shell like formations.

But how do we sew and face one?

On initial inspection, a scalloped neckline looks difficult to do and even more so to face. Trust me fashion sewers, it’s not!

Facing scalloped necklines applies the same techniques we use when facing more common necklines. There are just a couple of tips to remember if you want to achieve great curves.
We’ll come back to those!

In the meantime, have a watch of the video tutorial below and see how easy it is to face a scalloped neckline.

1 – Place the right side of the facing to the right side of the garment, matching up all sewing pattern markings.

2 – Pin and baste into place.

3 – Start sewing along the outer curve along the seam line.

4 – At the inner part of the curve and before stitching the next outer curve, sew a single straight stitch using your hand wheel.

5 – When all curves are sewn in this way, trim and grade the seam.

6 – Clip into the corner of the straight stitch to alleviate pluckering to the right side.

7 – Turn the facing to the inside of the garment. Press and under stitch.

If you follow these easy to follow pointers, you won’t go far wrong!

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