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Falling dead wood with RTAK II knife & Sawvivor: Cu...

nutnfancy Follow
  • Video description
  • 13 years ago
In the back country, no matter where you live almost, your best firewood will be found in standing , vertical dead wood. Whether it's raining or not, the interior of this wood will be dry. But to get to it you'll need some effective tools. In this video I compare and contrast different ways to fall that wood using either a large survival blade like the Ontario RTAK II or a more efficient and lightweight "Sawvivor" brand backpack saw. (My hat looked kinda' goofy in this one... didn't have the string done up right).

SAFETY NOTE: Using sharp and deadly tools in the wilderness can be dangerous. One missed swing and you could cut an artery up there. These videos will show imperative common sense safety measures to keep YOU safe from your own blades (and falling timber). Accidentally cutting YOURSELF is the biggest danger you will face in the woods.
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