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Fallout 4 Mysterious Stranger - max out appearance c...

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  • 7 years ago
Fallout 4 video, where I explain how the Mysterious Stranger perk works and on what factors the appearance chance seem to be based on. The Mysterious Stranger perk has a long history in the Fallout franchise. It appeared in Fallout 1, 2, 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. With this perk you have a chance that a Mysterious Stranger dressed in a overcoat and fedora, armed with a .44 magnum will appear. In Fallout 1 and 2 you had a 30% base plus 2 x Luck chance that the Mysterious Stranger would appear in a hostile encounter. In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas you had a 10% chance for the Mysterious Stranger to appear, if your enemy had less than 150 HP and you used V.A.T.S.
Now for Fallout 4 I wasn't able to find any information what the appearance chance was and how to maximize it, I only found some speculations on Reddit and Steam about it. So I decided to just use this perk in game with different settings and count how many times the Mysterious Stranger would appear. Altogether I spend 10+ hours and a few thousand V.A.T.S uses counting the appearance of the Mysterious Stranger.
So what are my conclusions. First the Mysterious Stranger can only appears after the last V.A.T.S shot and it doesn't matter, if you missed your last shot or if you hit your enemy with your lost shot. It also doesn't matter, if you have only one enemy targeted or multiple, it doesn't matter if you targeted a body part only once or even 16 times, the Mysterious Stranger can only appear after the last V.A.T.S attack. I also found that you will have a higher chance of appearance, if you target your enemy 16 times for one attack, than if you target your enemy once for 16 attacks. Thought the chances of getting help from the Mysterious Stranger are higher, if you use V.A.T.S once with 16 attacks, than when use V.A.T.S with only one attack.
When the Mysterious Stranger appears, he will use his .44 Magnum to one shot kill enemies. I read on the forums, that players had the Mysterious Stranger miss, when he appeared stuck in the celling or somewhere else, but with the current patch that had never happened during my testing. He even kills enemies, when their hidden behind a wall, with his shoot going through the wall like you can see in this slow motion. Thought I had the Mysterious Stranger miss a lvl 50 Behemoth from close range a few times. If the Mysterious Stranger's shot will hit, it will always kill the enemy. And while the Mysterious Stranger will one shot full health low level enemies, I never had him appear when an high level enemy was above 37% HP. This happened with a lvl 48 Super Mutant overloard, which has 750 HP and with a lvl 50 Behemoth which has 1000 HP.
While the description of the perk says, that with level 2 and 3 of the perk the Mysterious Stranger will appear more often, my testing didn't show any improvement of the appearance chance with higher levels of the perk. One of my test area were the Feral Ghouls at the Cambridge Police Station. I was level 48, had 10 luck, 6 perception, used a basic 10 mm pistol, always targeted the head for one shot and tried not to target the enemy when the hit chance was above 30%. With the Mysterious Stranger perk only at level 1, I targeted the Feral Ghouls 190 times with V.A.T.S and the Mysterious Stranger appeared 18 times, which accounts for a 9,5% appearance rate. Than with I added level 2 of this perk and changed nothing else in this setup and I used V.A.T.S 130 times and had the Mysterious Stranger appear 7 times, which gives me only a 5,4% appearance rate. Than again I added the level 3 of this perk and changed nothing else and targeted these Feral Ghouls 115 times and had the Mysterious Stranger appear 7 times, which gives me a 6,1% appearance chance. By the way the Mysterious Stranger won't always appear after a certain amount of V.A.T.S uses, I had with the Feral Ghouls 46 consecutive V.A.T.S uses without the Mysterious Stranger, only to have him appear a minute later with the same setup on 3 consecutive V.A.T.S uses number 96, 97 and 98. This means that to get a quite accurate appearance change I would need to do at least 1000 V.A.T.S uses for every setup, but this would take hundreds of hours, so I can give only general guidelines...
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