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Fallout 76 Accused Of Selling Pay-To-Win Microtransa...

Jim Sterling Follow
  • Video description
  • 4 years ago
Fallout 76 is introducing gameplay items to its previously "just cosmetic" Atom Shop. Bethesda previously promised it wouldn't sell any "pay-to-win" items in its premium store, and many feel they've gone back on their word.

The problem is, pay-to-win is subjective, so Bethesda can argue this is a "quality of a life" improvement rather than a victory-assuring advantage.

Here's where the game industry has tripped up though. It's worked so hard building up "just cosmetic" microtransactions as the acceptable alternative to pay-to-win, that it's effectively lumped all non-cosmetic items into one big basket.

This propaganda has been useful for pushing cosmetics as acceptable, but it's screwed them if they try anything else, as we're seeing right here.

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