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Family Claims Woman Is Being Catfished. She Says She...

The Dr. Phil Show Follow
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  • 11 months ago
Lois’ family claims she sacrificed her 37-year marriage and her retirement savings for a series of online fictional sweethearts. Lois admits that she has been scammed before, but insists that her current beau, “Paul,” and her previous beau, “Fred,” – men she has never met in person –aren’t catfishing her – they’re real.

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“I feel like I’m going to have someone show up for me soon,” says Lois, noting that she is “really lonely for a relationship.”

WATCH: Woman Says She Believes Person Her Family Claims Is Catfishing Her ‘Is An Honest Man’

When Dr. Phil asks, “Does it cause you concern that you keep getting in relationships that ask you for money, and never show up,” how does Lois respond?

Plus, Dr. Phil breaks down Lois’ digital relationship history and the amounts of money she’s sent to each of her online loves.

Check here to find out where you can watch part one of this three-part Dr. Phil airing Monday. And, tune in to part two on Tuesday to find out the contents of a suitcase Lois says she received in exchange for giving a stranger $9,000.

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