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Fantastic UPPER ASSAMESE Thali with 11 Items! + Hun ...

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  • 1 year ago
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The time I spent in the northeast Indian states of Assam and Meghalaya was a two-week-long learning experience. During those 15 days, I took deep dives into the culture, history, and food of this unique region of the country and learned that India is much more diverse than I had ever imagined. It made me fall in love with this country all over again! Come along with me as I continue exploring the wonders of Assam!

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My first full day in the Assamese city of Jorhat continued with my friend Rishi after going on an incredible street food tour for breakfast. We kicked off our latest adventure with a visit to the memorial of an Ahom king and then went to go eat. Let’s go!

The memorial we visited was dedicated to Sukaphaa (also spelled Siu-Ka-Pha), a Tai prince who founded the Ahom Kingdom. He ruled during medieval times from 1228 to 1268. According to Ahom tradition, he was descended from the god Khunlung. He is celebrated every December 2 in Assam.

Inside the memorial is a massive, 20-25-foot-tall statue of Sukaphaa. The statue is incredibly colorful and detailed. It costs 10 rupees ($0.14 U.S.) to visit the memorial and another 20 ($0.29 U.S.) rupees for the camera. From the statue, we wanted to visit the museum, but we weren’t allowed film there. So instead, we headed back to town to eat a massive Upper Assamese thali!

It took us roughly 30 minutes to get back to town by scooter. There’s lots of congestion and pollution once you enter the city, and there are lots of potholes in the roads leading into it. Finally, we arrived at Chouka Ethnic Cuisine. I was so excited to try their thali!

There are eight wooden tables in the restaurant and lots of thali options. I went with the veg thali and added chicken with sesame seed, mutton, and pork wrapped in banana leaf. I decided not to go with fish, pigeon, or duck because I didn’t want to deal with the bones.

I started with a light fruit veg salad with carrot and onions and then moved on to the pitika, which is mashed eggplant. It contains lots of garlic and potatoes. I loved it!

Next was a light, soupy mixed dal with a little bit of pepper. I liked it a lot. It was pepper. Then I tried a sautéed spinach-like vegetable with garlic and oil. Then I had fried potatoes that were kind of chunky like French fries. Next was a papaya that reminded me of yucca or bamboo shoots. It came in a really nice soup!

My next dish was a phenomenal black rice pudding. Then I started on the non-veg dishes. First up was the chicken with sesame, which I’d first had in Guwahati. I decided to eat it with a spoon because I didn’t want to get my hands messy. The sesame curry on the chicken was so dark and rich and intensely flavorful. The chicken was also nice and tender. I was in love with the curry!

Next, I went with the mutton with papaya and potatoes, which also came in a rich, brown curry. The goat meat was tender and juicy and the bones contained some delicious marrow. It was so tasty!

Then I dove into the pork with chilies and potatoes, which were cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf. It was extremely colorful and I could see lots of spices in it. The banana leaf curry was insanely good. It was crunchy, fatty, and a little spicy. They really know how to do pork in northeast India. It is out of this world! You have to have it when you visit the northeast! It was one of my favorite pork dishes of all time!

Then it was Rishi’s turn to eat!

What an incredible meal! If you enjoyed coming along with me to the Sukaphaa memorial and to Chouka Ethnic Cuisine for our incredible Upper Assamese thali, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my channel you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food content!

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