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Christine Salus Follow
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  • 4 years ago
Wanna see what I'm eating? Follow me on IG @christinesalus

1) DCinfamous120 - My question is do you have cheat days,cheat meals,or refeed days?

2) Mary stella Rose - What do you do for work? (4:46)

3) Ray Tan-Can we do HIIT workouts on two or more consecutive days? Or do we need a rest day in between HIIT days to recover? (5:43)

4) Ivonne Dubois Jiménez--Hi! Question: how did you live the transition from the protein bodybuilding diet to your actual high carb raw vegan diet? I mean, does it unbalanced your body or something? Isn't it a very abrupt change? (7:50)

I also discuss the mental, physical and spiritual detox from transitioning to a raw diet.

5) Tess Wong - I have a problem with the mono meals and the amount of food to buy and pack for work. How much fruits do you buy per week and how do I keep my bananas from becoming soft? (14:30)

6)Jenny Logan - Do you think going vegan is more important or high carb low fat? (16:56)

7)Caydence Beddison - Christine what are your thoughts on rawtill4 and weightless? (18:10)

8) Angie Chavarria -Hi Christine, I'm curious about how your lifting weight routine looks like??hope you can explain a little bit about it in your next video. (19:31)

9) May Land -Hi Christine, just wondering if you live in an area where you can get local fresh fruit year round? Hard part about fruit in the northeast is where to get it in the colder months. (22:12)

9.5) Tesla May-I keep reading that I shouldn't eat after 8:00, but on a restricted diet I find that after my dinner I'm starving by this time, but I don't want to eat because I was told to not eat before bed, but I also don't want to stay hungry because I don't want my body to go into starvation mode and hold onto the fat! (24:07)

10) Daguniaruns - Have you ever plateaued and what are your must have pieces of equipment for at home workouts? (26:40)
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