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Far Cry 3 - All Weapons: Signature, Basic, & How to ...

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  • 9 years ago
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This video goes over all the weapons that are available in Far Cry 3, aside from special pre-order unlocks. We'll start off with the signature weapons and how to unlock each, and then go into the various other weapons that are available and how to obtain each of them. A comprehensive list has been included below.

Signature Weapons
Shadow: Conquer 17 pirate outposts
Cannon: Unlocked via 40 UPlay points
Shredder: Collect 10 Memory Cards
Bull: Collect 10 Relics
Bushman: Activate all 18 Radio Towers
Ripper: Perform 6 Trials of the Rakyat
AMR: Collect 20 Relics
Japanese Tanto: Collect 6 Letters of the Lost

Additionally if you're having problems, check the Handbook in the start menu and on to "Progress" tab you will see an indication of how many objectives are still needed for the particular signature weapon you're after.

The following weapons are obtained through unlocking radio towers. When attempting to purchase one without enough money you will receive a message telling you how many towers you still need to unlock before the weapons becomes free.

North Island Weapons
Handguns: 1911, 6P9, .44 Magnum
SMGs: Skorpion, A2000, MP5
Shotguns: M133, 1887
Assault Rifles: AK-47, STG-90, F1, MS16
Sniper Rifles: SVD, M-700
LMGs: PKM, U100
Launchers: RPG-7, GL-94
Specials: Repair Tool, Flare Gun, Recurve Bow, Flamethrower

South Island Weapons
Hanguns: D50
SMGs: BZ19, Vector .45 ACP
Shotguns: SPAS-12
Assault Rifles: P416, ACE
Sniper Rifles: Z93
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