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  • 3 years ago
Adventure footpegs from http://www.promotobillet.com which have all sorts of adjustments and offer a massive platform for your boots. Review from the nutters at the Adventure Oz Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/secretgardenproject

I've been a fan of Fastway footpegs from Promotobillet since putting them on my dirt bike a year ago. Recently I did an adventure ride with a guy who has the Fastway adventure footpegs, which I didn't even know existed. He raved about them so much I got a pair for the DR650.

These are big footpegs, especially compared to the dinky little DR650 ones. Incredibly solid build, and yet they don't feel any heavier. The Fastway footpegs from Promotobillet come with a set of short and long cleats, you can mix and match these to suit but I opted for the all the short cleats. I've found on the dirt bike there's still plenty of grip but my boot soles last forever with the short cleats.

Next the collars can be put in the top or bottom of the pegs to determine the height of your Fastway footpegs, and how far back or forward they'll be.

There's even more adjustment with this bolt, that determines the angle your footpegs will sit at too. These would have to be the most adjustable footpegs available in my book.

The Fastway footpegs from Promotobillet offer a massive platform for the boots and I was keen to see how they went in action.

My mate who was raving about these likes to push his big 950 hard, and often in quite gnarly terrain. And that's the first thing I noticed, that if you were pushing the bike along it feels incredibly secure. And when I looked down to check I was actually using the entire width of the peg at different times. I think in the long run this would have to make a big difference to making your boot soles last too, I was find my soles are chewed out in the middle first by the end of the footpeg, but no such problem with the Fastway footpegs. I haven't had a chance to drag them through any mud yet, but they look as though they'll self clean much better than the stock pegs.

The only possible downside I could imagine with the Fastway footpegs from Promotobillet is if you were going through such a deep rut that even once they folded up they might catch and stop the bike a little sooner than the stock pegs. But I figure that scenario is way beyond the concept of normal adventure riding.

At around US$240 these are definitely the Rolls Royce of footpegs, but given you can buy different collars to make them suit pretty much any adventure bike on the market, I think these are a great long term investment given how long they should last. There are cheaper pegs, but if you want ultra secure footpegs with an incredible range of adjustment these would be hard to go past.
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