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Fat Burning Jump Rope Routine

Insane Home Fat Loss Follow
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  • 6 years ago
Get rid of your belly fat FAST:

Hey y'all,

It's Jonny, and today on insanehomefatloss we're going to do my jump rope fat burning workout. We are going to implement a great tool, the jump rope. It'll help you burn a ton of calories while strengthening your upper and lower body. Workouts like these will help you burn a ton of fat so you can get the lean, toned body of your dreams.

Press play and start the video now.

Exercise explanation:

0:40 Start off with regular 2-footed jump rope

0:46 Then we'll do single leg jump rope, left leg first for the 2nd round then right leg on the 3rd round

0:50 Look for a point on the floor to focus on, first jump front to back then last will be a side to side jump

Workout Breakdown:

5 exercises/ 4 rounds/ 15 seconds each exercise/ 15 seconds rest between rounds

**Do 4 rounds to complete the entire workout.

2-footed Jump Rope 15 Sec

Single Leg Jump Rope 15 Sec (Each Side!)

Front to Back Jump Rope 15 Sec

Side to Side Jump Rope 15 Sec

I hope these exercises serve you well!

And if you want to get a lean toned body FAST, click the link below to learn how:


I didn't used to have a toned body and was always embarrassed to take my shirt off in public. But after following these exercise tricks, I was able to get rid of my belly fat quickly and now I have the body I've always wanted.

Can this one "trick" really work for you? Decide for yourself NOW, and check out the link below.


Train Hard,


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