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Fighting Layer [ファイティングレイヤー] Game Sample - Arcade...

Vysethedetermined2 Follow
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  • 8 years ago
Fighting Layer is a 3D fighting game developed by Arika (creators of the Street Fighter EX series) and published by Namco in late '98 and was only released in Japan. To this day, the game was never ported or released outside Japan, which is a shame as it's pretty good and a little silly, and stood as a testament that Arika didn't need the solid foundation of Capcom's SF series to make a good standalone fighter. Two characters from Fighting Layer, Allen Snider and Blair Dame, make an appearance in the SFEX series.

The core gameplay shares various similarities with SFEX, allowing characters to chain super special moves into other super special moves, utilize guard-crushing attacks, and perform moves in the typical fighting fashion, but the game also utilizes "Blow Quits" (deflection attacks) and a little more of the 3rd dimension as stages have boundaries, some attacks utilize the fighting stage, and sidesteps / safe falls increase the pace of the gameplay. The graphics aren't particularly impressive for their time, but the speed of the game, goofy elements (such as the ability to punch a tiger, stab a knight, use karate on a shark, etc.) a few original characters helps a game like this that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. The game also has three time-released hidden characters and a few challenges for skilled players such as two alternate final bosses (a harder version of the main boss and a "True Lance Knight"). The music is pretty nice.

The story is not very clear, but characters band together in a mysterious fighting tournament navigating different layers of the "South Islands" and hear rumors of a incredibly strong warrior who may be anything but human. Each character has their (TINY) personal reason for wanting to join the tournament, such as Janis in the video who is evading the police and is a total psycho who just lusts for bloodshed and carnage (red is her favorite color), Shang who hears about riches to boost his family business, and things of that nature.

This is a video of the game in action. Enjoy.
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