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Final Cut Pro X YouTube Export Tutorial

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel Follow
  • Video description
  • 7 years ago
Final Cut Pro X is arguably the best professional and recreational video editing tool on the market today. It runs exclusively on Apple Mac computers on the Mac OS X operating system. Unlike previous versions of Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X makes video editing user-friendly for both professional video editors and video editing hobbyists like myself. I've found with Final Cut Pro X that I can create incredible video for my YouTube Channel (IrixGuy's Adventure Channel http://www.youtube.com/IrixGuy) with minimal knowledge of video editing. Before Final Cut Pro X released, I was only proficient enough to use Apple iMovie, due to its point and click behavior. Final Cut Pro X "dumbed down" previous versions of Final Cut Pro and made making the switch from iMovie to Final Cut Pro X a no-brainer for both professional and recreational video content creators. Final Cut Pro X has AN ABUNDANCE of features that do not exist in iMovie. In addition to additional features, it contains enhanced tools that make chroma keying ("green screening") and functions look Hollywood-perfect, even for an average Joe Bob like myself with a piece of chroma key green fabric that I picked up on Amazon.com =) Also, to address all of the negative hype surrounding Final Cut Pro X, I strongly believe that it's most the hardcore users of the previous Final Cut Pro versions that are complaining. They had to go through an abundance of technical training to perfect using Final Cut Pro for broadcast use, etc. and were likely ticked-off by the fact that Final Cut Pro X made most all Final Cut Pro video editing tasks point and click friendly. Please feel free to share this video with others and check out my other Final Cut Pro X tutorial videos on my YouTube channel too! I've included a video playlist link below. Also, if there is a Final Cut Pro X tutorial video that I have not posted yet and you'd like to watch, please let me know. If I'm familiar with how to perform that function within Final Cut Pro X, I'll be happy to try to create a Final Cut Pro X tutorial video for it!

IrixGuy's Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Videos - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzbToXWOz_ZhReQHheVxCom_KKdlgU9SE&feature=edit_ok

Contains royalty-free music from http://VideoBlocks.com .
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