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FIRE DUMPLINGS!!! 100,000/day!!! Most UNIQUE Street ...

The Food Ranger | Trevor James Follow
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  • 1 year ago
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►More Street Food in Uzbekistan: https://youtu.be/QxAYHA7d014
Today we're going full on for one of the MOST UNIQUE street food tours in the world, in SAMARKAND, the heart of the ANCIENT SILK ROAD, in Uzbekistan!

Get ready for FIRE DUMPLINGS!!

Thanks so much to the entire Uzbekistan tourism department for organising and helping put on this trip, in particular, Thanks so much to:

And Bekruz:

Today, we're bringing you for 7 delicious street foods in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Starting with the RAGING TANDOOR Samsa, perhaps the BEST DUMPLINGS in the world!!

Get ready to EAT!

Fire dumplings, called Samsa, are one of the best street foods to try in Uzbekistan. In Samarkand, they were next level.

Uzbeki Non - We visited a local home in Samarkand to see how naan bread is made. Here it's made Samarkand style, extra hard on the outside and super fluffy and soft on the inside with a giant wood powered tandoor.

Samarkand bazaar - Here we found lots of street food to try and got to experience the lifestyle and way of life of the locals in Samarkand. I tried some pickled vegetables, pomegranaate juice, and also had some nice interactions with the locals.

Samarkand Black Plov - here we visited the black plov restaurant in Samarkand and enjoyed this super unique street food in Uzbekistan. It was made black with black cottonseed oil and was very delicious, full of beef, yellow carrots, onions, and local spices.

Samarkand Mantu (Manti) - These were perhaps the best dumplings I've ever eaten. They were so flavourful, stuffed with beef and lamb and onion and pepper and steamed to perfection. The best part is how they are topped with yoghurt and tomato sauce.

Samarkand street food harissa (haleem) - This is samarkand style harissa made with pounded wheat, lamb, and lots of local spices. Incredibly delicius

Samarkand MEAT and BBQ feast - we finished up the day with some insane MEAT and bbq kababs in Samarkand.

I hope you enjoyed this Uzbekistan food video and street food tour of Samarkand.

Watch the entire Uzbekistan playlist on our World noodle tour series:

Thanks so much for watching!

All of the street food in this video was INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

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