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Flexible Dieting Explained (aka IIFYM: If It Fits Yo...

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  • 3 months ago
Flexible dieting or IIFYM is a diet that focuses on hitting specific macros over the course of a day, whatever foods that might mean. It allows for eating foods that are normally disapproved of.
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| Brain Gainz Hosts |
| Alec Heersink |
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| Tyler McGlasson |
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| Flexible Dieting (AKA If It Fits Your Macros) |
• Summer approaching, looking to dial in your fitness in these last months before summer
• Great time to start thinking about how to maintain a good diet with flexibility after challenge is over
• Want to try new foods without breaking your diet
• Many different fitness goals attainable under this plan

| What is Flexible Dieting? |
• Hitting specific macros over the course of the day, whatever foods that might mean
• Allows for trying foods that are less nutrient dense with the ability to make up for it later, within moderation

| What are Macros? |
• Carbs: Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source. They make you move! Not getting enough of these "partiers of the body" can leave you lethargic. Too much will spike your blood sugar and send your hunger through the roof.
• Proteins:f there was a popularity contest for macronutrients, protein would win. Everybody knows you need lots of it to recover from workouts and build muscle, and protein suppresses your appetite to boot. But if you get too many of your calories from protein at the expense of other macros, you can become sluggish, since it isn't a very good energy source.
• Fats: Fats also provide energy, and you need this macronutrient to help your immune system function, control your hormones, and power your nervous system (your brain is 60 percent fat).[1] But if you eat more fat than you need, you'll store it until you can use it.
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| Good, Better, Best |
• Good: Focus on only calories (ex. 2500cal/day)
• Better: Focus on protein AND calories
• Best: Tracking all Macros and calories

| Social Situation Success |
Allowing yourself to enjoy company and eating with friends by compensating in other parts of the day

| Macro Hoarding |
• Weekly averages are more important than daily intakes
• You can eat a little less during the week to prepare for a “big day." Think holidays, birthday, date nights, parties, etc…

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