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For The Love Of God Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Steve Vai -...

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  • 8 years ago
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Well it is about time I made some For The Love of God guitar lesson videos since it is my all time favorite guitar instrumental. :)

When Passion And Warfare (the ground breaking instrumental album featuring For The Love Of God) was released, it literally changed my life forever.

For The Love Of God is to me the perfect marriage of emotion and technique. There are soaring melodies and intricate guitar techniques that build and build until an incredibly technical yet extremely emotional climax that is to me one of the most incredible moments in guitar history.

In these For The Love Of God guitar lesson videos I will break down all of those intricate techniques in a way that I hope will be easy for you to understand.

As these For The Love Of God guitar lesson videos progress from one to the next you will notice that the level of technique required to execute the guitar parts becomes higher and higher.

In the end I hope you can see how Steve Vai builds so much tension and release into this song, which will hopefully become a natural part of your playing as well.

Overall, I hope these For The Love Of God guitar lesson videos will not only raise your technical level on the guitar, but also make you more acutely aware of how to incorporate emotion into even the most technical guitar parts.

This song literally changed my life and made me want to become the best guitarist I could possibly be. I hope it has even a tenth of the effect on you as it did me.

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